Painting by Andy Sharpe



Our search for Jack brought thousands together – watching, helping, praying.


While search volunteers provided thousands of man-hours in the Colorado wilderness, many people from this incredible place called The Crossing held up our family in prayer, for so long. We love you.  Here, we experienced the feeling of oneness that only the body of Christ lovingly produces. Like the root system of a stand of aspens, this church provided our family with what we needed to survive the ordeal – love. This connectedness, over time, allowed us to feel such joy, even in the shadow of grief.


I invite you to The Crossing, wherever you are. Here, you will find such a treasure for your heart, a constant source of vitamins.  Through The Crossing, we found Living Water International and experienced first-hand the enriching root system of Christ followers. People from The Crossing and others from around the world who were following the search online built four wells in Kenya, now serving approximately 5,000 people with the gift of clean water and the good news of the gospel.


Jack’s legacy lives on, lifting up the poor, the thirsty, the brokenhearted with love – all because of how the body of Christ has beautifully revealed itself in the greatest story ever told – the story of redemption. A story that reflects the grace and mercy of an all-loving God who views all of us and all our stories as priceless.