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NAR Exposed

By Amir Tsarfati

Summary: Dialogue between Amir Tsarfati and Michael Nissim.

Shalom, everybody. Again, this is Amir Tsarfati. I am here in my backyard and behind us is the valley of Armageddon, the Jezreel Valley.

This evening with me, I'm so happy, to have a friend that I've known for the last, over last 20 years, I think? Exactly. Michael, you're 42, now. I've known you since you were in high school and of course, throughout your military service. Your family, many of them, are very good friends with mine.

I'm so happy to have you here because you are one of the very few people in Israel that not only decided to expose these false doctrines and teachings of the New Apostolic Reformation here in in Israel. But, also, to speak about this phenomenon all over the world.

So, Michael, how do you want me to address you, Mikhail or Michael? Michael is fine. Okay, well, I don't want people to accuse me with Michael... [Joking] Never mind.

Like I always do when I bring Bible studies and teachings from the Scriptures, we are going to start with the very foundation.

First of all, we are going to speak on false teachings, false doctrines, false prophets and false apostles that are not appointed by the Holy Spirit. But by men.

Is this something old or is it something new? How do we tackle these things? False doctrines have been throughout church history so it's nothing new. The early church, even in the days of Paul was battling false doctrines, like the Gnostics and things like that. Paul had to, in his epistles, address these false doctrines. Or the Judaizers that told people that they must be circumcised? Exactly.

There were different false doctrines coming into the churches. The churches were plagued by them, even in the 1st Century, in the very beginning. Satan saw that the best way to creep in and destroy is actually, not only from the outside, but actually, from the inside.

He will do so with very well-spoken people, who speak very nicely, and they creep in. That is what's written in the scriptures, they creep in. They don't come and say, "I'm a false teacher; I'm a false prophet".

In fact, we know that most of the problems of the church in the latter days will be from the inside, not from the outside.

Maybe you can elaborate on that? Well, it seems like we know the enemy from the outside. We know that Jesus said, "The world will not like you and you are not of the world." This we know.

But it seems like the Bible speaks of the last days as a time of great apostasy, falling away. A time where Antichrists, not the Antichrist, but Antichrists will come from within the church. So, it seems like one of the biggest enemies of the church is actually, the church or stuff that comes from the church? Yeah.

What is the common "stuff" that you can see in all of those false teachings? At least what I see is the fact that it's basing it’s teaching on knowing that people don't know the Scriptures. They are not well-versed with the Scriptures and/or maybe don't understand the Scriptures, am I right? Yes, that would be one of the things.

There are other things such as claiming special knowledge, claiming they have special knowledge. It's like in rabbinical Judaism where the person doesn't know much. So, he goes to the rabbi because the rabbi has a much higher revelation than them.

It's not just the education. They receive special knowledge directly from God. Then you are a little bit dependent on them to receive that knowledge. You need their guidance. You become dependent on them.

But obviously, if you know the Scriptures, you know it cannot be right? So they are, even in that area, basing themselves on the fact that you don't know the Scriptures? Yes.

Because it's written in the Epistles of John that you have the unction, you have the anointing and you don't need people to teach you. Now, of course, there are teachers in the church and their function is very important. But the thing is that no one has special knowledge that is his because he has the anointing and you have to get it from him. It's all in the Scriptures there for you.

In other words, when we get the Holy Spirit that is the One to: guide us, lead us, explain and comfort us into all truth. So, basically, we understand that when we say false teachers, false teachings, “false”, that means a lie. There's deception here and deception cannot stand by itself.

The Deception must be in existence when someone knows the truth. Because if I don't know the truth and I tell you something wrong, then I'm just wrong. But when I know the truth and I tell you the opposite,

then I am a liar. I am a deceiver. Who is, in the Scriptures, the liar, the deceiver? Of course, the father of lies is the Devil.

Of course, within Christian circles, people have different opinions on more important or less important issues. We're not going to call people with different opinions false teachers because there are men of God who have different opinions.

But we're talking about people who bring destructive heresies, even damnable heresies. The thing is, if you believe them, you go off course from the faith. You are not on the right track anymore.

Basically, people that are teaching others those type of things are misguiding them. Not into all truth but into all lies, into deception. And they play right into the hands of the father of all lies, which is Satan, himself.

So, folks, this evening, here in Galilee, I know its morning in the United States, afternoon in Western Europe and its way into the night in the rest of the world east of us.

I want you to know that the topic today is the New Apostolic Reformation. But I'm not going to just throw at you "stuff" without taking you all the way back to where it really all started. This evening we decided to expose this “new thing” that is calling itself: The New Apostolic Reformation.

It actually started in the early 20th Century, in the late 1940s. It is at its height, right now as we speak, at the moment. Let's go back in history, folks. Let's try and understand how it all began. Because it's evident to me that many of you don't understand the destructive roots of this whole movement.

So, Michael, let's go to the late 1940s. What was the then "new thing" that started and how was it called? It was called the New Order of the Latter Rain (NOLR)or just for short, "Latter Rain".

Okay, what was the Latter Rain? Who started it? And what were the things that they believed in? They kind of experienced the “dryness” within the Pentecostal Movement. They thought that it wasn't enough and they wanted to go to "higher ground".

So, the Pentecostal movement is where they originally came out of? But they did not settle with what the Pentecostals were? They wanted to get more? Yes, they were an extreme type.

It's important that everybody understands that the Pentecostal Assemblies of God denounced that which we're about to talk about. Denounced? Yes.

When we talk about Assemblies of God and Pentecostals, in general, it is wrong to say that all Pentecostals are involved in the New Apostolic Reformation. In fact, as I said, they were against the very beginning of it, in the 1940s. Let's go back to the 1940s and see what is the new thing that they brought forth.

Well, there were a few things. Okay, go ahead. There were a few things that they were teaching?

First of all, they taught about the restoration of the offices of apostle and prophets. This was a very important thing for them. They said that this thing must be restored.

They also believed that the apostles and the prophets who are restored will lay foundations again and that they will lead and orchestrate a “last days revival".

Not only a last days revival, but a “2nd Pentecost” through a group, an elite group, within the church called the Manifested Sons of God.

Manifested Sons of God? This was one of their central doctrines. This group was to have special anointing, powers, works, signs and wonders.

They were to purge the church of all the elements who would not receive them and the new moves of God.

They were to battle successfully against the Antichrist.

They were to take dominion over the kingdoms of this world to prepare the kingdom for Christ before he comes and hand it over to Him.

It was important for them that Christ could not come until they prepared everything for Him.

So, that group of people, that the Assemblies of God denounced and called them heretical doctrines, that group of people decided that they have...? That group of people basically decided that the world needs to experience another Pentecost, much bigger and stronger than the 1st one.

They believe that it is upon them to take over the world and prepare the place for Christ to come back and rule it.

Part of it is that they will defeat the Antichrist or, at least, successfully battle against him.

It can be even debated with open Bible, because the Bible is not talking about this at all. The Book of Revelation doesn't mention that.

But I will also tell you that they even call themselves, "Joel's Army". This elite group has many names. Even today they invent new names for it like the, the “New Breed”, the “Joseph Mandate”, etc. But the names go back like "Elijah Company, Manifested Sons of God, the Man Child, the Elijah Company".

They have so many names for this group of people that will be a kind of an elite group to lead the church and take over the kingdoms of this world.

So, let me just tell you. I am not looking for people here to support, or like, or dislike what we're saying. Because the nature of exposing false teaching is basically showing people that a lot of stuff that they believed in is actually based on lies. And it's hard for people to digest it.

But we take you now back to the 1940s to explain how it all began. Now, of course, as I said, false teachers started long ago. But the Latter Movement, that is now in the heights of its success, started in the 1940s with the Latter Rain Movement.

Much of it was inspired by a man called William Branham. He was a revivalist that lived at the time. He did many campaigns throughout America, healing campaigns. By the way, we have no problem with healing people, I mean, if God wants to heal. But that's not the case.

But William Branham had some 3 major problems. I'm sure more, but the major ones we have to look into. Yes, he had quite a few false doctrines.

The 1st one: He did not believe in the Trinity. He was what you call a "Modalist". That means you don't believe that God is one God in 3 persons. But rather one person who only shows himself in different ways. It's almost like it's the same Amir, just changing hats.

It denies any distinction between the Father and the Son. For modalism: The Father is the Son; The Son is the Holy Spirit. There is no distinction between them.

So, "For God so loved the world that He gave...", the Father will be the same as he gave the Son or he gave the Holy Spirit? Yes. That's what they believe. The same person, exactly.

They believe in no distinction between the 3 persons, which is a counterfeit form of the Trinity.

He [William Branham] actually went as far as saying that the Trinity is a doctrine of the Devil. Now, Trinity is something historic that all true believers believe in. I believe in and you believe in. So, this cannot be denied. Yes.

Another thing is that he taught that there is no hell. Oh? He didn't like hell and I understand why. So, you say he believed there is no such thing? Yeah.

So, what happens when people, non-believers, eventually are going to be judged? I guess annihilation. Annihilation, that's it.

What about the serpent seed? The Serpent Seed Doctrine is a very embarrassing doctrine. He believed that the Devil not only deceived Eve but actually, had intercourse with her. And that's how her first son came to the world? Yes, that's how her first son came to the world.

He also had this funny idea that the devil looked somewhere between an ape and a man. Or something like that.

He had a whole set of weird doctrines that were overlooked because it seemed that he was doing a lot of good with healings.

So, miracles, wonders and signs caused people to not look into the doctrines of this man? They simply overlooked it. The experience was more important. There was a lot of hype, so experience and the doctrine were pushed aside.

One more doctrine that he taught was that there are 3 sources of inspiration and truth: The Bible, the pyramids and the zodiac. The Bible, the pyramids and the Zodiac? Yes. Oh, my goodness. This is something that many people, today, who still look up to him...

You'd be surprised how many people from the leadership of the NAR Movement admire William Branham. Sometimes they feel a bit embarrassed about it. But they do generally, overlook the doctrinal issues and just see him as an anointed man.

In fact, they say, "the most anointed since Jesus Christ". Many of them say that because of what appeared to be healings, miracles and things like that.

Throughout all of this, seeing and looking into his doctrines, the Pentecostal Assemblies of God denounced it? Yes. They actually said that its heretical doctrines? Yes.

Now, he didn't exactly "found" the Latter Rain Movement but he was the inspiration. But obviously, if you're an inspiration to someone and you teach such false doctrines, something is wrong with your... Exactly.

This admiration of him started then and continues till this day with leadership of the NAR Movement, the modern NAR Movement.

It's very interesting that once the Assemblies of God denounced this false teaching, we understand that they lowered their profile.

That movement of the Latter Rain lowered their profile and waited for the right moment to resurface. That is a characteristic of not being up front about what you believe in...

If you understand that Latter Rain, right now, doesn't have a good reputation? So, you suddenly deny your connection to Latter Rain and you wait for a better time. That is what they did. They started entering the churches through the back door.

It's interesting because whenever I teach, for example, on the Illuminati. The Illuminati was nearly exposed at the end of the 1700s. Actually, it was exposed.

It had to lower its profile, and it resurfaced as it was riding on the Free Masons. It actually, infected that Building Guild that started in London earlier and it took a ride on it.

George Washington noticed that. He warned the Free Masons at the time not to take part of the Illuminati thing. But it was too late. By the beginning of the 1800s, we know that most of the Free Masons were already Illuminati. In other words, they resurfaced in a different form and started moving.

Here we see almost the same thing. It's something that was exposed by godly people from the Assemblies of God who denounced all of this. So, they lowered their profile and resurfaced. I can say, "It's like the leaven that affected the whole lump." Yes, I understand that.

Now, let's talk about where it resurfaced and how. Throughout the 1960s, but mostly '70s and '80s, there began a new "Movement of Prosperity", "Movement of Word-Faith" and "Dominion Theology".

We can clearly see that, in fact for the most part, it's not pastors of churches. It's actually, some leaders that had some "revelation". They started traveling and they started ministries. But it wasn't really, healthy churches with biblical studies.

In fact, some of the people who propagated these doctrines claimed to have received them by divine inspiration. By divine inspiration? In other words, not from reading the Word of God, not from praying.

Now we are moving to the person who coined the term the "New Apostolic Reformation", NAR. We did not come up with this. This is something that they started.

It's a professor from Fuller Theological Seminary. A professor for church growth in Pasadena, California, that's where Fuller Theological Seminary is. His name was Peter Wagner.

In 2001, he declared, thus, the beginning or the founding of the New Apostolic Reformation although he started much earlier. There were already many people calling themselves, apostles and prophets.

By the way, let me make it very clear. In the "lingo" of many charismatics, apostles and prophets is something that they use every day. That's not what we're talking about.

We're not talking about someone who is being sent by a church to another country. Or someone who is being sent by the church to another city. We're not talking about those type of apostles because that's a "church apostle". These are people that in the language of the Pentecostal Church...

These terms are not to be confused with the apostles and prophets that are now part of the New Apostolic Reformation. Because the apostles and prophets of the New Apostolic Reformation claim to have a higher status.

What they are aiming for is that there will be a better and stronger Pentecost than the 1st one. In fact, they say that it will make the 1st Pentecost pale in comparison.

That the apostles and the prophets of this new reformation, that they think is happening, will "out do" the original apostles that Jesus, himself, appointed.

They believe there will come a “new generation”? Yes, that is going to basically, "over power" that which was done in the 1st Century in preparation for the return of Jesus.

That is actually one of the points of "Latter Rain". They say that the latter rain will be greater than the first, the former.

It's very interesting that you say that because a lot of people are identifying themselves with the Latter Rain. Or they call themselves the “Manifested Sons of God”.

They are not even updated to know that somebody actually, started calling them, New Apostolic Reformation. They're not even aware that there is a name to that movement.

So, when you come and ask them, "Are you part of the New Apostolic Reformation?” They're actually saying, "No, we don't even know what you're talking about".

Also, because the New Apostolic Reformation is not an organization. It's different networks. Its networks, it's a set of ideas and beliefs that people, kind of, go around and they network with each other based on these beliefs.

Some people deny it only on the basis of saying, "Well, I don't belong to any organization that is called NAR." They say that if it's there, they're not part of it. But they don't understand that by being part of the networks, they are part of it.

The only reason why we call it "New Apostolic Reformation" is because somebody gave it a name, finally. But many of them don't really understand that they are part of it.

Now, let me ask you something. We're now talking about the year 2019. We're coming into 2020 and there is a modern version of the Latter Rain? Right. So, explain to me as I understand from what I have heard that you really investigated into all of that. You read their books. You listened to their sermons. You are much more knowledgeable on what they, themselves, say.

It appears that there were about six different married couples that decided they received a revelation? That they must divide among

themselves areas of influence in order to bring forth this message of the Latter Rain? The message of the restoration of the apostolic and prophetic movement?

That is one of the organizations. There are several and they all basically, want world domination: To take hold of the kingdoms of this world and to prepare them for Christ, before He comes.

One of these organizations is made up of 6 very prominent couples of apostles. Then they divided: This couple takes Africa, that one takes Eastern Europe and that one takes the Far East. They divided it among themselves.

So, literally, they sat with a map, "I'm over this one; I'm over this one". They literally started using those terms of: Elijah Company; Elijah Ministry; Elijah's List; Joseph's Mandate, all of those words? Am I right? Yes.

Because they believe that they will usher in the Kingdom of Christ. They will usher in the Kingdom of Christ? Of course, it is based on the Scriptures that Elijah will come before Christ comes.

They're basing themselves on the Scriptures that Elijah will come before Christ comes but they're ignoring the fact. That Jesus, himself, said that he had already come, in John the Baptist.

But whatever it is, if it's Elijah himself or it's someone in the spirit of Elijah. It's a person; It's not going to be a company of people. Yes, that's what we get from the Scriptures.

But what they say, "It's a company of people". It's a network of people. Therefore, they start using those names like Joseph. And Joseph because? Why Joseph, by the way?

Because they are looking in the Scriptures for examples of how people were in positions of dominion and used it for good. Then they say we should try to be like Joseph who took dominion in Egypt. Yeah?

But then there's a little bit of a difference. Joseph was not striving for dominion, okay? He was much more humble. ...Pharaoh gave him the... Yes, exactly, the same day that he was released from jail and shaved, he was already second-in-charge in all of Egypt. He didn't strive for a position of dominion so that he could affect, shape society and turn it to Christ. Or anything like that. There was nothing of the sort.

In 2001, Mr. Wagner announced the New Apostolic Reformation. He started what we call ICA, the International Coalition of Apostles. Or the ICAL, the International Coalition of Apostolic Leaders, which is basically the same thing.

"Apostolic Leader" is a term that passes the radar. If someone comes to you and says, "I'm an apostle." You say, "Hang on. What do you mean, apostle?"

But if someone comes to you and says, "I'm the apostolic leader of this network." It kind of passes the radar because he's a leader, but just the apostolic type.

But it's a nickname. This is very important to remember that it’s a nickname for "apostle". They use many terms that can pass the radar.

You prepared a very impressive list of the beliefs of the NAR that I saw in your notes. I believe it's good to repeat them to people.

I think it's really important that you explain their key doctrines and the key characteristics. So, let's go one by one, the key doctrines of the New Apostolic Reformation that is going on all over the world.

First of all, they believe in the restoration of apostles and prophets. Okay, restoration of apostles and prophets. Now, I want you all to understand. We're not talking about what "normal" Pentecostals will call "apostle and prophets". That's not what we're talking about.

We're talking about specific people with specific, they claim, anointing to become greater apostles than the apostles of the 1st Century.

One of them even said that he had a dream that he came to heaven and all the 1st Century apostles wanted to shake his hands. Because he's such a good...? Yes.

It's not just one. There are quite a few of them who really think that the "real" apostles are lining up just to see them. Unbelievable.

So, we're talking about specific people. They're not what you, in your regular jargon or lingo of the Pentecostals, call apostles and prophets. These are specific people that are claiming to be greater than even than Peter and Paul.

The thing is that these apostles and prophets, or apostles at least, are not sent by the church. But rather they lead the church.

In fact, they are supposed to lead the whole of society.

They say that the church cannot achieve a unity and maturity without them. That the church is dependent upon them.

The church needs them and without them, there cannot be healthy life of the church here on earth.

This is, by the way, contrary to what the Pentecostal Assemblies of God in America teach. That is what I'm always trying to tell people that the NAR is not the Assemblies of God. Some people from the Assemblies of God may have gotten out of it to go to the NAR. But actually, most of the Assemblies of God are not into that. They are actually denouncing it.

My point is this: We cannot generalize and say that all of them are NAR. In fact, many of the people who are really battling against these doctrines are coming from Pentecostals.

It's important for me to tell you that when one comes and speaks against the NAR, he's not speaking against Pentecostals. He is speaking against a bad thing that came out of it. Just like I can speak against the Kabbalah Movement that came out of Judaism.

So, we've got this: The world needs them; The church needs them.

Then comes, what? Then they orchestrate, strategize and affect a restoration of the kingdom, restoring the kingdom. In other words, things will get better and better because of them.

So, wait a minute: The Bible says: In the very last days, there will be actually, be falling away, apostasy. But they say: If it's up to them, there will be a restoration. Yes.

The Bible says: In the last days, the love of many will grow cold. They say: if it's up to them, the love of many will grow warmer. Yes.

The Bible says: In the last days people will have itching ears. They will look for teachers that will give them what they want to hear. They say: Actually, because of them, people will be restored to God. Yes.

So, you see, there's a huge difference with what they say and with what the Bible says.

Now, not that we are against revival. We are not. I am for revival. But unfortunately, as much as I pray, and I will always pray, for people to come to Christ from countries and nations. It doesn't matter.

What the Bible is telling us is that the characteristics of the last days are going to be slightly different from that. Things will go down.

Actually, Jesus told us this is one of the signs of the end times.

Now, tell me, what is the 3rd one? So, they are the architects of the "Last Days Revival". They do this using a kind of a “Last Days Army”, which we talked about, “Joel's Army”.

They claim to be the last days army, Joel's Army. They take the words of Joel regarding some demonic... Actually, Joel speaks of demonic activity in the tribulation period and they actually assume it upon themselves? Yeah. Unbelievable! Or upon that next generation which is just around the corner that will do all of these things.

Before we go into what are the key characteristics of the NAR Movement, I see that you said, "the kenosis". This, folks, is super important for me to explain to you. That's the one thing that drove me nuts.

I don't know if you understand the term "kenosis"? Kenosis means to "empty yourself". They base themselves on Philippians 2 that speaks of how Christ "emptied Himself".

They don't understand that moving from heaven (up) down to earth, moving from glory, down to this terrible place. That's the emptying.

He did not think it robbery to be equal with God. Exactly, that's the thing! But what they say is that when he came to earth, he is no longer God. He is just “man”.

Listen to this, “Jesus is only man and they also say that he had to be born again.” Do you understand what I'm saying!

Tell me, so the kenosis runs like a thread throughout the NAR? I should think that all of the leadership of the NAR believe in some form of Kenosis Doctrine.

So, Jesus could have not done anything. They say he's a man. That because he was filled with the Holy Spirit, he could have done all of these things. He did all these things because he was filled with the Holy Spirit.

Where this leads to is this. They say, "Well, if you have the anointing, you can do everything that Christ did, including defeat Satan."

They even go as far as saying you could have affected the redemption. Unbelievable.

Now, it makes you a type of god and it makes Jesus Christ, who is God, only man. This is promoting us, demoting him. Exactly.

This is one of the threads in this whole movement: It is elevating man; And bringing God down. Unbelievable.

This kenosis led some prominent leaders, even today, to say that Christ, himself, had to have been born again. Tell us exactly what they say because this is amazing. I can't believe they say that.

There is this doctrine of theirs that Jesus had to go to hell and suffer there for three days. The devil was sending every demon possible that he could on him. As a man? Yes, he was a man.

They were jumping on him and they go into all of these things... And then he had to die and be born again or something like that. These are prominent people within that movement...

Now, when you think that we have to be born again. We, sinners, we have to be born again. Why? Because our whole nature has fallen. You can't renovate it. You have to have a new birth. You have to be a new man and that is what God is doing for you. But then they say that about Christ who never sinned!

So, kenosis, the emptying of yourself, is the belief that Christ, when he came to the world, left his Godly nature up above and he came only as a man.

I want to say that say that one of the ways to identify this: If you hear any preacher emphasizing that Jesus did this "as a man"? That would be one of the key ways of identifying that this man believes in kenosis. Because Jesus did many of the things that he did as the God- Man. Not just as man.

I mean, I've never seen a man multiplying the fish and the bread, walking on water and calming the storms. In fact, one of the things I always tell people, while in Israel, is that when Jesus calmed the storm and the wind and said, "Peace". Then the disciples were increasingly afraid. Why? Because they understood, "Emmanuel, God is with us."

Even Peter, when he came back with those nets full of fish. After he had been all night toiling and finding nothing, what did he do? He left everything, fell at the feet of Jesus and said, "I am a sinful man".

I think specifically, with calming the storms because in the Old Testament, in the Psalms and in Jeremiah, it talks about God calming the sea in the storm.

I can tell you, Psalm 89:8-9. These are the classic verses that only God can calm the storm and the wind. He has complete control of nature. This was the theology of the Jews at the time and then they see Jesus doing it. They're afraid because they think, "Is this God with us"?

Listen, everyone that comes to Israel with me and we're on the boat on the sea of Galilee? You would hear from me that this is the "Emmanuel Moment".

So, here's something that I want to tell you. Many of the people in this movement say, "You can do everything that Christ did, including control nature." Oh?

So, then they show you videos of how they go out and there's a storm. They command the storm to stop because they think that they can do exactly, everything that Jesus did. But Jesus was the God-Man. That's why he could control nature.

Listen, what we talk about has nothing to do with having faith or not having faith. What we talk about is "bad teaching". You cannot say that when Christ came to earth, he was only a man because the disciples understood that "God is with them, Emmanu-El”. He was on the boat. He was in so many places. It was amazing.

Let's continue, that kenosis.... look, one thing leads to another and when it's bad, it's bad all the way.

Then we continue to “Dominionism”. Tell me about this thing because I saw a book written, and I've heard sermons on the "7 Mountains".

Can you elaborate on the "7 Mountains"? What are exactly the "7 Mountains" that they believe we should take dominion of? Dominion Theology existed before 7 Mountains Theology. Seven Mountains Theology was developed later. But it was adopted throughout the Dominionist world.

What they say is this: Society is divided into 7 mountains of spheres of influence. These spheres of influence: Government, Education, Family, Religion, Media, Arts and Entertainment and Business.

Now, some might put military in the judicial system as part of it to replace them or just a subcategory of these. But basically, that's under government.

There are mountains in society and we have to conquer those mountains. That's part of the “Doctrine of Dominion”.

So, we, the church: That have the promise that this world is not our world? That we are going to be persecuted? We have the clear promise that our citizenship is in heaven, not here? That Christ will come back and take us out of here? We are expected to take over government, military, education, religion? Yes, exactly.

You can find articles online about taking over the government, the mountain of government. How to conquer the... mountain of education and things like that.

Let me tell you something that many of you may not know. But some of those NAR people made their way into the White House, Spiritual Advisory Team. They believe that having such a very strong President on biblical values, on Israel, on family, on pro-life is the way to take over one of the mountains. So, they say "We took over a mountain?" Yes.

The more you have people in key positions... They actually believe that you should do it in subtle and covert ways. This is actually their teaching.

This is part of the 7 Mountains Teaching that you don't declare, you just find your way in and take over. They say, "Don't have the label Christian on your shoulder. You have to slyly work your way in and then take position.”

One of them said a very disturbing term... Yes, what did he say? Okay, I was looking at one of the main videos of the main teachers of this doctrine. He was saying, "You might know Jehovah as Jehovah Nisse or whatever, I like to call Him "Jehovah Sneaky". When I heard that... I feel bad even saying these words because "sneaky" is not God.

Sneaky is the devil and if he's saying "Jehovah Sneaky", that's heretical. I mean, people should really reject these people and their doctrines. But instead they are embraced. People are not careful.

A lot of people are asking us, "Who are those people? Give us the names.” Let me explain something. The purpose of this broadcast is not to give names of churches, organizations, or of people.

The purpose of this teaching is to expose the bad doctrines. After you understand the bad doctrines, then you, yourself, instantly will understand who is where and what.

Because it's very evident who we're talking about. I don't think that we want to direct the fire to the names of the churches, or the names of the organizations, or the ministries. Because that will basically take the whole thing to a personal level.

At the moment, I believe it's more important to educate you on the stuff that they are teaching. And not on who they are.

Trust me, if you hear those things that we're talking about right now, stay away! It doesn't matter the name of the pastor, the name of the church and the name of the organization.

It matters that these are heresies that you must run from. You must run from! This is not our world. We're not of this world. Our citizenship is heavenly. He's going to come and take us to where he is. We will also be.

Christ promised that he is going to prepare a place for us. He didn't say, "I am going now. Please prepare the kingdom for me or else I can't come back.” This is what the NAR Movement would have you believe.

NAR believes that they have the authority, the Apostolic Movement, the authority to prepare this world for the coming of Jesus. Whereas Jesus said, "I am going to prepare a place for you. If it wasn't so, I would have told you."

Then he said, "And then I will come back and I will receive you unto myself." So, wherever I am [not wherever you are] Wherever I am, you will also be."

So, it seems like the enemy is reversing everything and he's saying, "Let's not focus on Christ. Let's focus on us because we have almost the authority, we are like gods. We are going to do Christ a favor. We will take dominion and prepare this place for him.”

By the way, it seems like all of them ignore the rapture of the church. It seems like most of them try to even minimize the tribulation. Because they always move to the happy ending of the story, which is what? "We control the world.” To me, it looks like they move straight to the Millennial Kingdom in a short cut, in a way.

But you see, because there are different views on the rapture, okay? Even my parents had a different view from me. Men of God have different views.

But these people say there is no rapture at all, many of them say that. In fact, some of them say we will receive new bodies while we are here. Wow! And stay here. Unbelievable.

They believe in this thing where you actually, achieve immortality, in this life. This is part of this Joel's Army or Elijah's Company Teaching. Amazing.

Michael, let's go on to the key characteristics of the NAR. We're already 50 minutes into it. We're about to bring it to an end.

I'm sure that when you listen to this whole thing from the very beginning. Don’t hop into this whole thing in the middle because then you probably won't understand how to react to it.

You need to go back, when you watch it later on YouTube or even on Facebook, and listen to the very beginning. Don't take things out of context.

But, Michael, let's go to the key characteristics of NAR. First of all, the three sisters, the 3 sister’s doctrines.

The "Word-Faith Doctrine". They teach that when you say something, your words have power to create, to change the circumstances, and to change the reality, which is not true.

That's making you into a little god? Yes. When God speaks, he creates and changes reality. When we speak, we do a lot of harm. We don't create things.

Then there is the “Prosperity Doctrine”: God wants you rich and healthy. That is part of their teaching but it is not scriptural. In fact, many of them died early and not too healthy.

Then there's the “Dominion Doctrine” that we discussed earlier.

All of these are connected one to another: Dominion, Prosperity and Word-Faith, together.

Then comes the Toronto Blessing. I don't know if any of you have heard of the Toronto Blessing? But this is very prevalent within NAR circles.

In the middle of the 1990s, in a church next to the Toronto airport. There was a great, supposedly, "revival". What came out of it and I remember that. I was a new believer. I came to Christ in 1990. I was just about a couple of years, 3 to 4 years, “old in Christ".

I remember that I saw people barking like dogs, mowing like cows. They were shaking like demon possessed. They were rolling on the floor. They called it, "Slaying in the Spirit" but it wasn't. I didn't feel anything spiritual there. I felt demonic there.

You didn't only feel, because the people who behaved like this in the Scriptures? Were those who were not filled with the Holy Spirit but filled with demons.

You actually identified it as the "Spirit of Kundalini”? Yes. Which is an Indian kind of counterfeit Holy Spirit. It makes people feel good. It gives experiences. You might feel full of love or things like that. But there are all of these shakings, uncontrollable laughter, etc.

All the things that we saw in the Toronto Blessing, as they call it, this is found in Kundalini Yoga. I have seen also videos of people with twitches. They talk and they suddenly go, "Whoa!" and this is supposed to be something spiritual. But if you go to Kundalini Yoga, you see people with exactly the same twitch. So, it's actually “bad spirit”.

There is a strong focus on angelic encounters all through the movement. They always meet angels, angelique and supernatural occurrences the whole time.

Now, of course, these things happen. I have nothing against someone who tells me that he had an encounter with an angel. But if it takes over your Scriptures? That's when the problem begins. Exactly, and it becomes the focus.

In the conferences, they invite the angels to come, to minister and things like that. No, in meetings you don't invite the angels to come. You don't tell them to come, to do things for you and things like that. No.

The angels actually, show up and surprise you, most of the times in the Scriptures. Mary was shocked with the angel came. Gideon was shocked when the angel came. Even the women that came to find the empty tomb were shocked that the angels were there. And even when Jesus ascended to heaven, the angels were there. They didn't invite them. Nobody invited them.

The last thing is kind of interesting: "Ecumenism and Wider Mercy". This is one of the doctrines that goes through the NAR.

Ecumenism means that all of them can go, for example to the Vatican City, to the Pope himself and consider him to be a brother. A brother in the Lord, nothing wrong with his theology and we need to be together. Many of the key leaders of the NAR visited the Vatican City, the Holy See over there.

They promote unity with the Catholic and Orthodox Church. In fact, there is an organization called TJC2, Toward Jerusalem Council 2, which is made to establish an Apostolic Council in Jerusalem which includes Roman Catholics and Orthodox. Unbelievable. They do regard them as brothers and sisters despite all of the heresies of the Catholic Church.

So, what basically, they’re that it's important that the end result will justify the means? Yes. In other words, “Whoever we invite, whatever we do, as long as we can bring everyone to Jerusalem for a 2nd Council and 2nd Pentecost.” One of them wrote a book that the subtitle was, “The next Pentecost will make the 1st one pale”.

Listen, I'm just telling you guys, we just touched the tip of the iceberg.

There are a lot of Scripture verses, of course, but I would like to end up with W. L. Hayden. An amazing brother who wrote a book in 1894, "Church Polity", actually.

He wrote this, "The apostles had the sole responsibility of executing the will of the Son of God in founding, organizing and fully equipping the Church of Christ on earth that she might fully fulfill her heaven born mission until Jesus comes again."

That is what he said regarding the 1st Century apostles. When he said that he meant that the apostles and the prophets were the foundation of the church.

The Bible says actually, the church was founded on the foundation of the apostles and the prophets. By the way, the prophets of the Old Testament wrote Scriptures. The apostles of the 1st Century wrote Scriptures because it was part of the foundation of the church.

You always lay foundations once. When you build a house, you don't lay some foundations, build the first floor, and then you lay more foundations. You always build the foundation once. Two thousand years have passed since the laying down of the foundations of the apostles and the prophets.

Therefore, I want to encourage all of you, folks. I think the bottom line here is to stick to the Scriptures and to test every spirit.

Make sure you understand that even though churches sound amazing. By the way, that's the biggest thing nowadays is to speak to your emotions through music. Even if their music sounds amazing, even if what you see there as far as supernatural events are amazing, you have to test the spirit, folks.

It's very important to base all of your understanding on the truth of the Word of God and not on experiences. Experiences you can find in many religions and many philosophies. But the truth you will find only in the Word of God.

So, Father, we thank you so much for your Word. Your Word is truth. We know that Jesus prayed that you will sanctify us by your truth, which is by your Word. In other words, there is no other way we can be sanctified. By your perfect Word written and given to us, much of it through the apostles and the prophets of the 1st Century.

Father, you did not call us to add new apostles and new prophets at the very end. Father, you actually called us not to be like the world but to actually, prepare ourselves to be out of here.

Father, we thank you for your promises. You asked us to comfort one another. Not with the conquering of seven mountains but to comfort one another, with the words that we are not destined to the wrath of God. That you are about to come and to take us out of the hour of trial that is about to come upon this world.

So, we ask, Father, that you will help us to test the spirits.

Also, Father help us to warn others to stay away from false teachers, false prophets and false doctrines.

Father, may we stick to the Scriptures as the only authority and go to a good and healthy Bible teaching church. We know that many of these people don't even attend church. They rely on spiritual experiences. They're not even well-equipped with the Word and with a good spiritual authority above them.

So, we ask, Father that you will help us to live and walk in your truth. That your Word will never come back void and that the false teachers either will repent and get saved. Or at least be exposed and be ousted.

Father, we thank you and we bless you and we ask all of this in the matchless name of our Lord and Savior, Jesus.

In his name, we pray. Amen. Amen.

I also wanted to say, "Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah". It's the first candle of Hanukkah today. In fact, while we do this, my family was just lighting the first candle.

But what we did was important. I believe we also shed light on some very dark things.

Again, trust me, it was not easy not to mention names and not to mention organizations. But we did not as this was not at all what we wanted to do.

We wanted to expose doctrines that are not of God.

I'm sure that much of what we said, if you match it to what you know some people are speaking, saying and practicing? It'll be very easy for you to identify those false teachers.

Thank you. God bless you.

I'm going to give, in exactly less than an hour, a Middle East Update. So, stay tuned.

God bless you and shalom from Galilee, Israel. Bye-bye.

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