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The Search for Jack

Our son Jack went missing in the Colorado wilderness in September, 2014. We pulled together as a family and with help from many friends, coordinated an exhaustive search for Jack throughout the Western United States. The following are the original posts from the site set up to find Jack. They unfold a story of both desperation and love; a story pocked with sadness, hope, joy, loss, and triumph. In the end, Jack's skull was found near the summit of Peak 1, near Frisco, Colorado. In the years following that day, we are witnessing an  incredible group of people pushing back the veil of darkness as a loving God creates beauty out of the ashes.

Our Search For Jack
A story about how tragic loss ushered in the lovingkindness of God.

Our family searched for our son and brother Jack McAtee for 13 months starting in September 2014. We were joined by countless thousands who locked arms with us and supported us with tremendous love.

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