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photo of living water plaque in honor of jack mcatee

Living Water

It was Christmas morning 2006. Jack’s present to each of the other six members of our family was a $10 donation card for Living Water International. I remember him tenderly and buoyantly presenting the donation cards to each of us.

He had fallen in love with the mission of Living Water – to demonstrate the love of God by helping communities acquire desperately needed clean water and experience “living water,” the gospel of Jesus Christ, which alone satisfies the deepest thirst. Jack embraced love for the down and out, the brokenhearted, the poor, the homeless, the thirsty.

The amazing miracle through all of this: a simple statement – “in lieu of flowers, we are asking anyone so inclined to make a donation to Living Water in Jack’s name” – has now resulted in over 5,000 people receiving the gift of clean water and the good news of the gospel.

Jack now leaves us with this incredible legacy that leaves its trace for the kingdom, as together we continue to build wells in Kenya. Beauty out of ashes.

Each of Jack’s wells built to date is discussed in depth through the various links below. Giving life in the name of Jesus provides so much healing, so much love, and creates incredible legacy. If your heart is moved to bring true life to another, make  a donation directly into Jack’s wells by clicking the button at the very bottom of the page. May God richly bless you.

african boy drinking water from a spout

Jack's Wells in Kenya

Mbihi Village, Kenya
Siraha Secondary School, Kenya
Buboko Primary School, Kenya
Mulele Village, Kenya
african girl washing her hands from a water spout

Enter into the life of one of these by contributing the gift of clean water.

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