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Week - 44 THE SEVEN SEALS Revelation 6:1

Updated: Dec 15, 2021

Authored by Jerry Marshall




Possible meanings

Rider on the white horse

6: 1-2

A rider on a white horse has a bow and a crown and rides out as a conqueror bent on conquest.

Some believe that this rider symbolizes the spread of the Good News or that the rider is Christ himself. Others suggest that this symbolizes mankind's lust for conquest.

Rider on the red horse

6: 3-4

A rider on a red horse has a great sword and is permitted to take peace from the earth so that people will kill one another.

This rider symbolizes coming warfare, even civil warfare, with great bloodshed.

Rider on the black horse

6: 5-6

A rider on a black horse has a pair of scales and brings famine and pestilence on the earth

The rider symbolizes famine and pestilence.

Rider on the pale horse

6: 7-8

A rider on a pale horse is called Death and has the Grave with him.

This rider is called Death, and Hades (the grave) is his inseparable companion. Together they are given power to kill a fourth of the earth’s population.

Souls of the martyrs

under the altar


The souls of the martyrs who were killed for being faithful in their witness are under the altar crying out for vengeance for their blood.

The breaking of this seal announces God’s plan to judge those who persecuted believers.

Great earthquake

6: 12-17

People on the earth face calamities: a huge earthquake and strange occurrences in the sky.

The wrath and power of the Lamb are seen in the cataclysmic earthquake and the supernatural events in the sky.

Silence in heaven


When the last seal is opened, there is complete silence in heaven.

The seventh seal either begins the next cycle of judgments, or it signals the end and Christ’s return.


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