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The Journey to Hope

 I am One Who Lost a Son. His name was Jack. He loved to tell people about God and Jesus the Messiah. He disappeared into the Colorado wilderness in September, 2014. We found his skull on top of Peak One on Colorado's Ten Mile Range in October 2015 after an exhausting search which is revealed "My Story" below. starts with our 13 month search for Jack throughout the western United States. What has happened since is nothing short of a miracle. Our family's grief drew us ever so close to God as He has showered our family with lovingkindness and has truly created beauty out of the ashes. First, this site is dedicated to Jesus, the source of our hope and joy.  Secondly,  to my son Jack whose legacy lives on thru this site  sharing the good news of the gospel. I humbly welcome you and hope more than anything that you will benefit from the teachings herein. Read on below.....


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