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Life's Greatest Mystery

Updated: Aug 9, 2020

I know where our son Jack is. For millennia, humans have looked up into the sky and wondered what lies ahead of them in the afterlife. Our souls innately desire an answer to what is perhaps life’s greatest mystery - that which awaits us when we walk thru the door into the world beyond. But God doesn’t conceal the details about your eternal resting place. Look in God’s Word and you’ll find a glimpse into heaven - streets brighter than Gold, God's radiant throne, and the eternal home of Jesus Christ. All the magnificent details are written in the pages of Scripture. What heaven will look like, how your soul will get there, if you’ll be reunited with loved ones once you arrive, and how your body will appear for eternity. That is but just a sliver of what we can know about eternity which promises to be a place beyond your wildest dreams. All you have to do is open the bible and you’ll find that inside - God is revealing the mysteries of heaven. On clear summer nights, I find myself staring up into the stars meditating on that which is to come, a reunion with our son Jack, glimpsing eternity. Will you join us there? Start your journey today thru God's Word, a love letter to you with the assurance of salvation penned by Jesus Himself -The Word. Use the links below to get started:

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