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October 1, 2014

Updated: May 6, 2020

First, let me thank all of you who have been such a continuing source of encouragement to our family. I am holding onto the faith that God will have a good ending to the story. We are holding firm in our search and request your help – the effort of getting the link below to as many Colorado hunters right now. The rifle season has just begun, and thousands of hunters are coming up from Denver and entering into this area through various trailheads. We now feel there is a high likelihood that Jack just wandered off into the wilderness near Frisco, Colorado. If this were not hunting season, there would be far less possibility that we would find Jack. We are proactively targeting COLORADO HUNTERS’ cell phones. All we are searching for is a clue, and we have several teams of dogs that are already on the ground ready to roll. We need the eyes and ears of the hunters to give us the tip.

If you know anyone living in Colorado whom you suspect may have a network including hunters, please forward them this link for the Summit County Sheriff’s Office press release to Colorado hunters:[PP1] .

Send it to their email first, and ask them if they could, would they please text it to their hunting friends, asking their hunting friends to forward it onto their hunting friends as well, and so on. All via text, since that is the more likely way of receiving the message up here in the mountains.

Thank you for your love and attention at this hour. Our family feels your love and thanks you for it. May God bless you.

Steve McAtee

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