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Sept 29, 2014

Updated: May 6, 2020

Good morning.

Weather is reasonably good up here in the mountains, where we will focus our search today. The temperature is about 65° during the day and gets down to as low as about 40° at night.

The media has extensively covered Jack’s situation. Everyone here knows of the situation. The Moab Times-Independent article published Wednesday now has between 14,000 and 15,000 hits. The Denver Post carried a front-page story in yesterday’s (Sunday’s) paper on Jack. We were successful in getting CBS Channel 4 in Denver to air about Jack right after the NFL football game ended yesterday at 5 p.m. locally. CBS is continuing to air this piece now. With the help of some churches with boots on the ground in Denver, a continual search is being made for Jack throughout the shelters the roadways along Highway interstate 70 truck stops is being made[PP1] . His posters are being posted throughout the city of Denver.

On the roads nationally, due to the efforts of Prime Inc. trucking, Werner Enterprises, and Dot Foods, as well as many independent drivers, there are well over 10,000 sets of eyes right now on the road watching for Jack along the highways of America, with the missing poster posted on their cell phones. We have posters at virtually every truck stop on Interstate 70 between Salt Lake City and St. Louis.

This morning, we will be concentrating our search near the area immediately south of the St. Anthony Summit Medical Center, where Jack was last seen. We are organizing a foot search with search dogs along the Miners Creek Trail, which extends six or seven miles out into the wilderness and begins basically at the back door of the St. Anthony Summit Medical Center. We are hopeful today to get the Civil Air Patrol based in Grand Junction, Colorado, to give us some air surveillance along the Tenmile Range stretching south from Frisco and Breckenridge and on to the Continental Divide. Jack is very familiar with this trail, as he has hiked it several times before. It is essentially a trail along the mountain peaks from Frisco to Breckenridge. Weather is relatively clear, and the flying should be good today for the most part.

This is the big picture – Jack is either going to be reunited with me, his earthly father, or he’s going to be reunited with God, his heavenly Father. Either way, he’s coming home. I want to thank everyone for your continued fervent prayers for the situation. As we continue through all this now, I feel a certain peace, knowing that Jack is, beyond a shadow of a doubt, a son of the one true living God, and right now, God is holding him in the palms of his hands, either in heaven or here in the mountains.

I love you all and appreciate everything that is being done by so many wonderful people around the country to help find Jack. We are holding up well, and our spirits remain strong and our outlook hopeful.

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