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The thread of suffering - Why God?

By: Anonymous

With the number of close losses in my life, I noticed a thread running through them all. Why? Why did they have to suffer so long?

Why so old? Why so young? Why so sudden. Is it okay to ask the God of our universe questions? I wrestled with God and was determined to search until something satisfied as an explanation. The conclusion I came to is this. God doesn’t give us the why. The more I leaned into learning the character and heart of God, the more I discovered that He really doesn’t explain causality. And would knowing the “why” lessen my pain? Would I hurt less? Would it satisfy my soul? No to all of those questions. I believe that when it is time for me to meet Jesus, His glory, His greatness, will be so overwhelming, I’m not sure why will matter at all. That is a deep seeded peace and joy that replaces the need to know more. He is enough!

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