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Turning Pain into Glimpses of Joy

Turning pain into glimpses of joy - Megan Huntley

There is a blown up picture on my desk of my brother Jack with his long curly Colorado hair, a bright yellow bandanda, and a huge cheek to cheek smile because he has his arms around my then 2 year old son, Tucker. This picture always brings a smile to my face and yet a pain in my heart at the very same time. Tucker is now 7 and honestly is a clone of my belated brother Jack. Tucker loves hockey, he loves to ski, and he has a huge tender heart all in the likes of the coolest uncle that he does not get to grow up with. At the rink, on the slopes, fishing at our farm, and many more moments with my son my heart fills with sadness missing the experiences and amazing times that Tucker could be having with Uncle Jack. I feel sad for Tucker, I feel sad for myself and yet when I think about Jack I am reminded of the Glory and Promise that God has him in his hands and he is not feeling any pain or sadness. Jack has always wanted the love of God to be shared and felt with the people around him. This brings me joy and hope in the shadow of my sadness. To help me personally feel the joy that I know Jack wants for us all, I need to directly relate to others and serve those in need. I feel joy as I give back to the Mental Health Association with my talents or when I spend days serving little children whose parents can not care for them. It is little things through the actions of helping others that has personally helped me experience joy through pain and the reminder that God is always with us every step of the way. Tucker knows that his uncle was a pretty cool dude and now strives to live up to some of the stories of Jack's big heart and love for life. Watching Tucker on the ice, my smile says it all. Go Tucker! Go Jack! And to God be the Glory.

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